Applied Kinesiology is a natural healing modality that facilitates the human body’s naturally powerful ability to heal itself. The body’s muscular system stores information about the various ailments and energy blockages that hinders this natural healing ability. Using a range of applied methods, a kinesiologist “unlocks” the information stored within the muscular system and then facilitates the healing process through a range of methods such accupressure, sound and light therapy, chakra balancing, flower essence therapy, and reiki.

Kinesiology bypasses your conscious thinking process to isolate underlying factors in the subconscious where deep core emotions are stored. Such emotions can often stop us from reaching our desired goals and therefore it is an aim of kinesiology to resolve these emotions, and assist in achieving these goals.

The history of Applied Kinesiology

In the late 1960’s an American Chiropractor by the name of Dr George Goodheart DC developed a new concept, based on a number of older Chiropractic ideas, adding new information that he had discovered himself. He called this new modality “Applied Kinesiology”. It was the study of how the body works, using “muscle testing” as a feedback process.

In the early 1970’s another Chiropractor from Pasadena Califonia, Dr John Thie DC, met Dr Goodheart and studied with him in a small research group. After developing a simple, safe and very effective system he called “TOUCH FOR HEALTH”, Dr Thie began teaching this new “self-help program” to his patients. He wrote a very easy-to-follow book called simply, “Touch For Health”. Many people from all over America came to study with Dr Thie and soon word had spread to Great Britain and other countries around the world. After a short period of time Dr Thie founded the TOUCH FOR HEALTH FOUNDATION, a non-profit continuing education organization and soon teachers, nurses, chiropractors and medical doctors were learning Touch For Health, to assist them in maintaining their registration in their own professional fields.

Since that time Kinesiology has developed to where there are now over 100 different courses being taught around the world in most countries, including Africa, South America and even Russia. Millions of people have learned some form of Kinesiology or have benefitted from it as clients of professional Kinesiologists or Practitioners who have learned it to be an adjunct to their own therapy.